Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More gratuitous promotion of family members

My twin has helped found a blog to comment on the Presidential debates. There are two other writers along with my twin. The entries are worth looking at, although Mark Samburg still uses the word "interesting" too much in his writing.

Since my twin has been used for commentary on Presidential debates by the New York Times, one can conclude that he might know what he is talking about.


Anonymous said...

Acute observation about Samburg Mr. Zweenie. The comment you made was quite retort and I enjoyed it tremendously. You have marvelous writing skills Mr. Zweenie. You realize that Americans today have no mettle as far as elections go. Only the intellectuals choose carefully what candidate shall be our future president. I got my doctors degree in Harvard as a classified social observer of the human economy features and strengths of metropolitan business concords. I have been reading a book about proposition 209 passed by the third party in Mexico in 1763, and I went on Facebook to ask my friend a simple question: "How did the conservationists react to the ongoing conspiracy on cocaine labs?". He told me that your blog may have my answer. Can I request that you write a blog on proposition 209 in Mexico?

bill said...

You can write well but don't quit your day job ya looney!