Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hank Skinner: What You Can Do.

In an earlier post I briefly discussed the case of Hank Skinner. Skinner is scheduled to be executed in Texas for a murder. It is very likely that Skinner is innocent. For a decade now, Texas has systematically blocked every attempt by Skinner to get DNA testing that could prove his innocence. But there is something you can do. The Innocence Project is trying to get permission for DNA testing. Right now, they need a stay on Skinner's imminent execution. So go send a note to Governor Rick Perry. It only takes a minute and every response helps. I know that I have some readers in Texas. It is important for everyone to contact the governor but if you are a Texas voter it is particularly important. Your voice matters. Don't be silent. We have enough innocent blood on our hands already.

Hat-tip to Katherine for pointing out this petition.

Edit: The Supreme Court has issued a stay on Skinner's execution. However, this may not lead anywhere so this petition could still be relevant.


Lautreamont said...

A few hours ago Skinner's execution was halted. It was noble of you to put this up on you blog, Josh. I filled out the petition and, honestly, it has made me feel so happy and so thankful to have been able to aid Skinner in any way. Thanks Josh.

Joshua said...

While I'd love for this petition to have done something, today's stay on Skinner's execution was put in place by the Supreme Court, not the state of Texas.

Lautreamont said...

I suppose I should have assumed that. What is it with Texas?

cipher said...

What is it with Texas?

It's full of Texans.