Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dick Cheney Undefeated

My twin has a piece up at the Huffington Post arguing that Dick Cheney's recent outspokenness is due in part to Cheney's unique political position as an undefeated Vice-President. Cheney is the first VP in a long time who did not end his political path in an electoral defeat. Aaron argues that this, combined with other historical factors, puts Cheney in a unique position where it is socially acceptable for him to be loudly critical of the current President. The piece is interesting although I think he doesn't address one reason why there is attention given to Cheney: The Republicans have no natural leader at this point and Cheney is one of the few people who potentially could fit in that position. In any event, the piece is worth reading and provides some interesting historic tidbits about prior VPs.


Shalmo said...

How the mighty have fallen - republicans were the ones who ended slavery just so you know

so its amazing to see what they have become today

With 8 years of Bush now behind us, Jerry Falwell's fundamentalist crusade coming to a close, and Pat Robertson's pact with the the devil speech on Haiti being what most people in the US identify with the Christian Right; one has to wonder if there will be any republicans left in the coming years.

Certainly the stats are showing, the younger generation is gearing towards the left and becoming more liberal.

Megaan said...
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オテモヤン said...
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