Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Economy, Prayer, and Idolatry

There has been a long-standing argument in halachah (Orthodox Jewish law) over whether Christianity is considered avodah zara (the technical term for idolatry in Jewish law). The problem of a human being declared to be divine is particularly troubling and Jews have been debating this issue for almost as long as Christianity has been around.

However, some Christians have recently been nice enough to make the Jews have an easier time figuring out how to treat Christianity. According to Wonkette, Christian groups have gathered at the statue of the bull at Wall Street to pray for a better economy. That's right: they are praying at a Golden Calf. Really. You can't make this sort of thing up. I have tried in the past to argue against claims that evangelical Christians are Biblically illiterate, and then they go and do something like this. Between this and Reverend Jeremiah Cumming's inability to quote basic scripture I should just give up.

Hat tip to Pharyngula for bringing this to our attention.


Cary said...

I'm always in shock by the absurdity that "my fellow" Christians demonstrate, including recent calls of "fasting and prayer" for California's proposition 8 to pass, as if God is going to look down and hear them and say, "oh, maybe I should do something about Gay Marriage." And do they expect there aren't a whole lot of other people praying that Proposition 8 will fail? Who wins the prayer wars?

Pinyan said...

I made the unfortunate decision to take a drink as I began reading. They prayed at a freaking golden bull? That's the worst abuse of prayer since Focus on Being Douchebags prayed for rain during Obama's convention speech.